You will want 2 disposable tin pans, and you do not have to toss them after each use. Fill these pans halfway with water and place them beneath the meat you are barbecuing. You want the pan or pans to take about half the space at the bottom of the grill. Why water pans? Several reasons. First, it lets sauce and fat drip into something that will not wreck the bottom of your grill or cause flare-ups. Second, it helps keep the meat moist, which helps smoke adhere to the meat. Third, it moderates the temperature around the meat.

Place the coals to the side of the water pans you have in place. Get the coals hot and put water-soaked wood chips on the coals. A chimney starter is the easiest way to get the coals lit for the grill. You will want to use a minimal amount of fuel. Start out with 20-30 briquettes. You can always add if necessary.

Place the meat directly over the pan/pans of water, away from the coals. Cook in batches if you have to, and keep the finished meat in an oven set to “warm” while you do more!