1. Un‐plug the Power Cable from the Outlet.

2. Remove Bottom Plate by un‐screwing the five screws that secure the Bottom Plate to the Hopper

 Box. (There are two screws on the front, below the Controller, one screw on the bottom, side panel

 And two screws on the back panel, bottom)


3. Pull the Bottom Plate to one side.

4. Disconnect the Air Circulating Fan Cable

5.  Un‐screw the bolt that secures the Air Circulating Fan to the Hopper Box then remove the old Fan.

      Place the new Fan in place then secure it with four bolts.


6.  Connect the Air Circulating Fan Cable back to the power source.


7.  Place the Bottom Plate back in place and secure it with five screws removed in step 2.


You have replaced the Circulation Fan.