To replace the fire rod, you will want to start off by following the instructions to step 3 on the "Replacing Auger Instruction" attachment below to get the hopper box detached from the grill. Once the hopper has been removed, you will want to remove the interior parts of the grill until you are able to visibly see the fire pot in the bottom of the grill. On the top of the fire pot, you will find 4 screws that need to be loosened in order to remove the fire rod. With all 4 screws loosened, you will then want to pull the fire rod out of the right side of the grill where you removed the hopper assembly from. Once this is completed, you may insert the new fire rod and tighten the screws on the fire pot back down to secure the new fire rod. You may then reattach the hopper assembly and reinsert the interior parts of the grill. You have now completed the replacement of the fire rod!